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FAQs – Your Questions Answered

question 20signQ: Do I need to be dilated?
A: Eye dilation provides the doctor the widest view of the back of the eye to monitor for defects, disease, retinal tears etc. With the addition of the OPTOS to our office, it is now possible to take digital images of the back of the eye without dilation. This reduces the amount of dilation necessary.
Q: Do I need an appointment to pick up, order glasses or get an adjustment?
A: No, you do not need an appointment.
Q: How do I know if my insurance is covered at your office?
A: If you will provide us with your insurance information, we will be happy to check it for you.
Q: Will my VSP vision insurance cover Fundus Photos?
A: Fundus Photos are a medical test that is done in our office for medical reasons, therefore it is billed to your MEDICAL insurance, not your VISION insurance.
Q: How much do you charge for adjusting my glasses?
A: There is no charge ever to adjust your glasses.
Q: Do you charge for eyeglass repairs?
A: For in-house repairs we do not charge our patients for our service. If a replacement part is needed and your glasses are out of warranty, then we will be happy to order the part if it is still available, and repair them for you. We only charge for the parts we ordered.
Q: Do you close during the lunch hour?
A : No we do not close during lunch. Our staff gladly staggers their lunch breaks so there is always someone available to assist you.
Q: Can I set up a payment arrangement?
A: We have Care Credit Applications available at our front desk. Our staff will be will gladly walk you through this process. Care Credit provides 6 months interest free payments.
Q: Why do you need my medical insurance card?
A: Your insurance card has the contact and billing information that our office needs so we can properly bill your exam where needed.
Q: What is non glare or the Crizal that I see advertised on TV?
A: Crizal product repels water and dust, it reduces glare from florescent lighting, reduces starburst effect from headlights at night and computer screen glare.
Q: Can you order a frame that I have seen online or elsewhere?
A: Yes, we will do our best to get a frame from one of our manufactures or our lab. We will just need detailed information about the frame and we will be happy to help you.
Q: Do the transition lenses get darker than they used to and do they change in the car yet?
A: yes, over all they do get darker outside, Although they do not darken very much inside a car due to the Ultra Violet Protection on your windshield of the car.
Q: Can you show me how thick my lenses will be in this frame?
A: We can show you examples of your lens thickness based on your prescription
Q: What is the difference in tinted lenses and polarized?
A: The polarized lens will reduce all glare and reflection which is good for on water, or snow. Especially when fishing, there will be significantly reduces glare on the water so you can actually see below the waters surface. Tinted lenses on the other hand, do not cut the glare.
Q: Do you have any discounts for 2nd pairs?
A: Yes we do! Our lab provides us with a 50% discount on a second pair of glasses purchased by a patient if it is done so within 60 days of their original order, so we gladly pass this 50% savings on to you!
Q: Can I order contact lenses from you? How long does it take to get them?
A: Yes certainly we can order your contacts for you. We make every attempt to keep our fees comparable with online ordering, and so we do the work for you! If the contacts are delivered to our office we can usually get them within 24 hours. If they are direct shipped to your home, it will take approximately 7-10 days for arrival.
Q: Do you carry safety glasses?
A: yes we do have frames in stock and can order from the catalog as well.
Q: Do you carry sports glasses?
A: Yes, we have some in stock and we can order from the catalog for you to view as well.
Q: What is astigmatism?
A: Patients have astigmatism when the curvatures of the cornea and lens together cause light to be focused into two different blurry focal points inside the eye. Often, patients with astigmatism have out-of-round or football-shaped corneas. Astigmatism is managed by using spectacle or contact lenses to optically focus the two points of light into one sharp focus. Patients with uncorrected astigmatism often see a ghosted or double image around objects at near and far away. Although there are some diseases of the eye that can cause astigmatism, astigmatism is most often the result of how the eye is shaped.
Q: When do I have to have my Cataracts removed?
A: A patient should have their cataracts removed when their cataracts don’t allow them to see the things that they want or need to see, and their vision is not improved significantly by changing their glasses or contact lens prescription. Other reasons for having cataract surgery include having cataract surgery when the cataracts cause the eye pressure to be elevated to an unsafe level, or when the eye doctor is unable to evaluate a patients retinal health because the cataracts are too cloudy for the doctor to see through.
Q: Why do I have to have my eye dilated?
A: Without dilating a patient’s eyes, your eye doctor is missing a view of roughly 66% of the back of the eye. The usually unseen 66% of the retina that your eye doctor gets to view after dilation often shows signs of health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and even cancer!. In addition, a dilated eye exam allows doctors to make sure that there are no retinal tears or detachments present, which left undiscovered, could lead to permanent vision loss. Often, these diseases of the body and eye occur in patients who have absolutely no vision complaints.