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Dailies Disposable Contact Lenses

We carry a wide range of Daily Disposable contact lenses. The brands we use the most most are:
  • Ciba Aqua Comfort Plus
  • AcuvueTrueyePackAcuvue Tru Eye
  • Dailies Total 1
  • Bausch and Lomb Soflens Daily
Dr. Bobell comments on who is a good candidate for dailies and why he recommends them:
There is no build-up on the lenses and they are healthier for the eyes, Plus, the user puts on a fresh pair every day! Dailies are good for:
  • teenagers
  • anyone who likes simplicity and does not want to worry about cleaning and storing their lenses daily
  • Patients with GPC on their eyelids that are irritated by regular soft contacts
  • Anyone who plays sports, as glasses get in the way and can get knocked off