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What’s Exciting at Progressive Vision Center, LTD: Orthokeratology

Since 2010, Progressive Vision Center, LTD in Canton, Illinois has been is providing Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) services to it’s patients. Ortho-K is an incredible option for those who want to live a life without lenses, but are unwilling or unable to have corrective surgery.

Orthokeratology or Ortho-k refers to the fitting of special gas permeable contact lenses that are worn while you sleep in order to temporarily correct your vision. While you sleep, the lenses gently reshape the front part of your eye, the cornea, which helps shape light as it enters the eye. When you wake up, you take out your contact lenses and you are able to enjoy improved eyesight up to 20/20. Ortho-k lenses are primarily prescribed to correct nearsightedness, but also may be used to correct astigmatism, farsightedness and, in some cases even presbyopia.

Most people with mild or moderate nearsightedness, with or without astigmatism can benefit from Ortho-k lenses. The process is also low risk because it is always reversible. You are able to stop wearing the lenses at any time if you choose. Your eyes will then revert to their previous shape over a short time, and your eyesight will return to what it was before you began Ortho-k. People who want to be glasses and contacts free but are not good candidates for refractive surgery either because of age or other eye conditions like dry eyes may benefit from Ortho-k since these conditions do not preclude them from being successful Ortho-k patients.

Dr. Robert Bobell of Progressive Vision Center, LTD adds, “It is important to note that since Ortho-k is a highly specialized type of contact lens, not all optometrists will have the expertise necessary to offer fittings, even if they offer fittings of other types of contact lenses. We have begun specializing in fitting of this important new technology in order to allow our patients access to the most up-to-date options in eye care.”

During your fitting, our Canton eye doctor will take a number of steps to be sure that you are a good candidate for Ortho-k lenses and to make sure that the lenses are properly fitted for comfort and safety. The eye doctor will begin by measuring your “corneal topography,” a painless procedure which takes about a minute and gives the doctor a picture of the unique topography of your eye. From here, your optometrist will either fit you from an in-office inventory of Ortho-k lenses, or he may order a custom pair for fitting at a later appointment. Usually, the first pair or two of lenses are temporary, in order to begin the process of re-shaping your cornea. By the third pair, most people can expect to reach their fullest level of vision correction.

“The amount of time it takes to begin experiencing a change of vision with Ortho-k varies from person to person,” explains Dr. Bobell. “At Progressive Vision Center we have experience with this. Some people may have great vision after a day or two of using Ortho-k lenses overnight, whereas those that require a stronger prescription may take up to a few weeks before attaining the full benefit.”

For more information, and to see if Ortho-k lenses are a suitable solution for you, contact Progressive Vision Center at (309) 647-2020 or